Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hello :)

Hi there :)

My name is Agnes - Lithuanian girl living in Wales that loves arts, crafts, colours and her husband Mark :) I thought I would create a blog here to share my world with the rest of the world :) If you don't want to - don't read it. It's just my world full of little nothings and everythings, family, friends and everyone and everything that I care about.
Why 'The Jar of Nothing'? Well I found a perfect gift for those who, asked what they would like for Christmas, birthday or anniversary, always answer 'Nothing' :)

Joined with a little poem:

"Did you say nothing?
When you were asked what you wanted for
Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation or Christmas.
Don't you remember saying NOTHING
Well this time someone heard you, searched
high and low and found this perfect gift for you."

This makes perfect gift for those nothing friends :D

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