Monday, October 31, 2011


About four years ago we had my dad and my brother visiting us while we were doing work on our house. They came to give us a hand. It wasn't all about the job though :) We decided to show them a bit of Wales. But not just touring in a bus or a car. We thought the best way to see places was on bikes :) 
Here's a video from few of those   

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn day

October has been warm this year. Unusually  warm. And we enjoyed it every day. And few last days of it were just PERFECT! Here's our Mimi loving the fresh air :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Halloween project - Thombstones

I know you can by these for next to nothing in supermarkets, but it is so much more fun to make them :) We used two blocks of polystyrene that came in a box when we bought our TV, some left over wall paint (handy it was mushroom colour), craft knives, hot glue and some moss that we collected ages ago on a walk near the river ( I knew it would come in handy one day) :) Unfortunately, after we painted them we left it to dry outside and it started raining. Some paint got washed down. But I think it gives it slightly more aged look :) The end result looks really great and we will be using them tomorrow for our front yard decoration :)
Painting our freshly carved tombstones:)

Harry gluing his moss and posing with a crazy smile :D

Moss we were using :)

Finished tombstones - Harry's on left, mine on the right :)


Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween treasure hunt 2011

This week is the half term week for kids and a prep week for Halloween for us. So to spend some time with little ones and get us all into the Halloween mood we decided to attend a themed hunt at PYO (Pick Your Own) farm in Gloucestershire. And what a great fun it was! Weather was brilliant, the staff was great and the tasks for kids were well planned out with few creepy touches added to it :) Here are few shots from our day in Primrose Vale Farm


One of tasks - to build as large stack of pumpkins as possible
with only 9 pumpkins touching the ground :)

Flower for mama

Pumpkin skittles

Dad has a go :)

More pumpkin games :)

Mama pumpkin :)

And little pumpkins :)

Friday, October 07, 2011

Eurotrip :)

We travel in the car a lot so we chose to use our car to travel back from Lithuania to Wales. I know a lot of people just do it in two, three days and try to get home as fast as possible. Well we didn't :) We done this trip before and every time we do it we try to choose a different route. So this time we did a proper Eurotrip :) Traveled for nearly two weeks seeing places and visiting, camping and guest housing. What a great time we had! And sooo many great memories! Here's the map of the trip and few snapshots :)
Our route from Lithuania to Wales with all our stops :)

Breakfast in Krakow campsite 

The architecture in Vienna is the most beautiful in whole of Europe! 

The romantic Vienna. Chin chin, mama ;)

Salzburg - the city where Mozart was born.
But most importantly,  a place where 'The Sounds Of Music' was filmed :) 

Mimi keeping herself busy during traveling - doing her nails :D

Munchen Octoberfest - Me with couple bavarian beer drinkers :D
(we did not plan to go to this beer festival by the way)

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Week long trip around Lithuania: Part Two - Vilnius, Trakai and Kernave

A view of Vilnius from our friends flat

Finally got some time to upload few shots from the second part of the trip :) After we've been to Anyksciai we traveled all the way to Latvia's capital - Riga. Dropped a friend off in there and half an hour later we were heading back towards Lithuania again. Got as far as Rokiskis that day and stayed at friend's house in a small village nearby. Next day we headed towards Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania. Got there about lunch time, went to congratulate my brother with his graduation from University and stayed overnight at friends flat. Next place was Kernave. On the way to Kernave we stopped in Trakai. went to see Uzutrakio Dvaras - an old manor house that is being repaired at the moment. That night we spent in guest house in Kernave and then drove up to Kaunas for couple more nights. A great trip with great two people - big and small, and memories for the rest of our lives :)

Uzutrakio dvaras - Uzutrakiai manor house 

Trakai castle from unusual point of view - Uzutrakis manor house

Trakai Castle on the lake through cafe window

Rain in Trakai. Good job we were sitting in a nice cafe at the time :)

Kernave ancient mounds

Breakfast in guest house Kernaves Bajoryne 

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