Friday, October 07, 2011

Eurotrip :)

We travel in the car a lot so we chose to use our car to travel back from Lithuania to Wales. I know a lot of people just do it in two, three days and try to get home as fast as possible. Well we didn't :) We done this trip before and every time we do it we try to choose a different route. So this time we did a proper Eurotrip :) Traveled for nearly two weeks seeing places and visiting, camping and guest housing. What a great time we had! And sooo many great memories! Here's the map of the trip and few snapshots :)
Our route from Lithuania to Wales with all our stops :)

Breakfast in Krakow campsite 

The architecture in Vienna is the most beautiful in whole of Europe! 

The romantic Vienna. Chin chin, mama ;)

Salzburg - the city where Mozart was born.
But most importantly,  a place where 'The Sounds Of Music' was filmed :) 

Mimi keeping herself busy during traveling - doing her nails :D

Munchen Octoberfest - Me with couple bavarian beer drinkers :D
(we did not plan to go to this beer festival by the way)

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