Sunday, October 02, 2011

Week long trip around Lithuania: Part Two - Vilnius, Trakai and Kernave

A view of Vilnius from our friends flat

Finally got some time to upload few shots from the second part of the trip :) After we've been to Anyksciai we traveled all the way to Latvia's capital - Riga. Dropped a friend off in there and half an hour later we were heading back towards Lithuania again. Got as far as Rokiskis that day and stayed at friend's house in a small village nearby. Next day we headed towards Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania. Got there about lunch time, went to congratulate my brother with his graduation from University and stayed overnight at friends flat. Next place was Kernave. On the way to Kernave we stopped in Trakai. went to see Uzutrakio Dvaras - an old manor house that is being repaired at the moment. That night we spent in guest house in Kernave and then drove up to Kaunas for couple more nights. A great trip with great two people - big and small, and memories for the rest of our lives :)

Uzutrakio dvaras - Uzutrakiai manor house 

Trakai castle from unusual point of view - Uzutrakis manor house

Trakai Castle on the lake through cafe window

Rain in Trakai. Good job we were sitting in a nice cafe at the time :)

Kernave ancient mounds

Breakfast in guest house Kernaves Bajoryne 

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