Thursday, December 08, 2011

Easy Paper Doll and Her Clothes That Don't Fall Off! :)

When I was little I used to play with paper dolls a lot. I had all different kinds of them: princesses, little girls, school girl, etc. But they would only last for so long, because I would loose their clothes as they just would not stay on! Little fiddly foldy things to hold them up were useless.. 

One day, my mother taught me how to make doll clothes myself and in the way that they would not fall off! It was so easy and so creative, as I could dress them in anything I imagined! I loved it.

I was visiting my mother not long ago, when my mothers friend came over with her daughter. And as kids do, she got bored while the ladies were chatting. So I remembered this and we made a paper doll and a load of clothes for her :) Did she love it? Yes, she did :D We also made a house for her from a drawing pad with every page being a different room. I got no photos for that, but I'll try and make something similar some time in the future :)
Here's how the clothes are made :)

We made a paper doll from a cereal box - good hard cardboard

For the clothes, you start of with A4 paper folded in half.
 Trace  the doll's shape starting from shoulders
 and making up a shape of a garment that you imagine :)

Then move the doll away and finish drawing.

Cut it out without cutting the shoulders off
and make a slit at the back for the head.

Pull the head through 

And here's how she looks like all dressed up :)
(I left it white so that the new owner of the doll could colour it in)
Some more samples of clothing:

Making school uniform :)

And the whole collection :)

The whole collection :)

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