Monday, February 13, 2012

Half Term Holiday Projects for Kids :)

Half Term started today and we are looking after my 8 year old stepson this week. To avoid him siting in front of the screens all week (which he could do 24/7) I decided to do at least one project a day with him. I sat down and thought of all the things we used to make when we were kids, chose the best ones and made a list. He can choose any one of them, but it has to be finished on the same day :)
Here's my list:

  • Potato stamping
  • Texture stamping - leaves, scrunched up paper, sponges, etc.
  • Making hand puppets and creating their character
  • Olizee grass creature making
  • Balloon & flour face making
  • Drawing: near & far
  • Making jewelry 
  • Stop motion cartoons
  • Woodwork - making bird feeder 
  • Drawing: bubble people - learning proportions
  • Sewing: making soft toy
  • Painting: rainbow - mixing colours
  • Code creation and secret letter writing
  • Painting: wax resist
  • Collage making: cuts from magazines
  • Collage making: ripped paper collage
  • Collage making: 3D city collage from boxes
  • Card making: stained glass card
  • Mosaic making from squares of coloured paper
  • 3D flower cards

Firs project he chose today was sewing project, which went great! I will post it later on. Hopefully the rest of them will be just as successful :) Enjoy your half term!

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