Friday, February 17, 2012

Project per Day: Growing Copper Sulfate Crystals :)

After the success of the first project I could not wait to get started with another one. I was looking for something in our shed in the evening and found an old bag of copper sulfate powder. Same powder we used to use with my dad to grow copper sulfate crystals! Lovely blue ones! So next day I ditched the list of projects and we just got on with growing crystals :) And what a great activity it was! It takes about three days for them to grow and you can start seeing some changes as soon as next morning. Here's some photos:

We used: an old egg colouring pan for boiling water,
some copper sulfate powder, plastic spoon,
bamboo stick, some cotton, paper clips and two jars

Left still for three days 

Blue lagoon :)
Three days later we got them out :)

The first one out :) Most of them settled in the bottom of the jar

Sorting them out by size and leaving them to dry

The largest one of all! Isn't it a beauty? <3

Admiring :) 

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