Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finger Painting on Wood - Gifts for Granny and Grandpa :)

Recently we had two very important celebrations - Mother's day and Father's day (in UK it will be this Sunday). So we thought, what could be a better gift for my mum and dad than something made with our own hands :) I kept going through ideas on internet, thinking myself, until I stumbled upon a cute idea of finger painting with acrylic paint on planks of wood! We didn't have any driftwood, but there were two pieces of nice wood left over from new windowsill. Perfecto! Here's how we got on :)

Someone was let loose with the paint :D

The old CD that we were using for paint
ended up being used as big stamping tool :D

Here's one we made earlier (with a bit of my help)
I used white primer in the middle as background 

I've also painted a frame around this one in white (with primer)
 and sanded corners and edges slightly.
The work of art went to post office
 before I could take a photo of it :D

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