Thursday, June 21, 2012

Recycling Broken Umbrella into Poncho :)

I had a really lovely umbrella that I bought few years ago. It has broken few weeks ago. I really loved the print on it, so was feeling a bit sad to throw it away. But yesterday I had an idea! I decided to make it into a little poncho for my daughter :) Here's all the process and the result :) 
(click on images to enlarge)

I removed the frame first

It was only attached with few little threads

I've cut the collar out
(I think I made it too big)

Then I've taken two parts out for hood

Put two together and used a jumper for template

Cut out

I've connected the separated part, added the hood
and made collar slightly smaller

End result

And it was raining today!

Happy user :)


  1. Puiki ideja :)

    Mano viena biciule visada renka mieste suluziusius skecius ir siuvasi ish ju daugiasluoksnius sijonus :)

    1. Dekui :) Sijonui man gal spalvos butu nelabai tike, bet mazosios lietpaltukui - tobulai :)

  2. I love this,I love the way you shared it too.I just made a painting smock from an old umbrella!


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